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Health, wellness and healing are a dynamic and important part of life. Through 1:1 counseling and education sessions, we can explore a range of topics that contribute to your health and wellness through a variety of life experiences. Through these sessions, we will discuss any aspects of the topic that would be supportive for your journey and we will use a holistic approach that supports the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects. Sessions can be done virtually or in person. 


If there is something you would like to dive into that it not listed below, feel free to reach out and see if we can support you with it. 



Menstrual Cycle Coaching

Pelvic Health 

Sexuality and Sexual Health

Contraceptive Education

Fertility Awareness

Preconception Counseling 

Conscious Conception 

Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum

Physiologic Baby Care

Miscarriage, Pregnancy Loss and Abortion 

Healing Birth Trauma

Self Massage - Breast, Belly, Pelvic 

Lifestyle and Nutrition

       ...And More! 

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