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I am happy to have you here, and would love to get to know you more and find out how I can best support you!


Please contact me to book a free initial 30 minute consultation so that we can explore what is most supportive for your healing journey. Payment plans and sliding scale for sessions may be available. 

Your sessions may include: 

    Intuitive Bodywork

    Mayan Abdominal Massage

    Holistic Pelvic Care™

    Vaginal Steaming

    Health and Wellness counseling

    Menstrual Cycle Coaching

    Emotional Clearing Techniques


When you arrive for your initial office session, please bring your completed health history intake form and consent form:



Your sessions will include any combination of the modalities as you choose, including Intuitive bodywork, Mayan Abdominal Massage, Holistic Pelvic Care™, and Vaginal Steaming.

Initial session 90 min, follow-up sessions generally 75 minutes, $130

Vaginal Steam

Vaginal steaming can be done as a solo session or incorporated into a bodywork session. 

Basic Session, 30 min

Steam Ceremony, 60 min $105

Counseling & Education Sessions

These 1:1 sessions are focused on a specific topic of your choice that is supportive to your health and wellness or centered around Innate Postpartum Planning & Education. Virtual or in-person session. 


All sessions are 75 minutes, $115

Innate Postpartum
Home Visits

Each home care visit includes a combination of bodywork, postpartum support, counseling and education in the comfort of your own home during the first 6 weeks postpartum.


All sessions 90 minutes, $150

Innate Postpartum
Class Series

Learn the essentials of postpartum care, connect with other expectant parents, make a plan for your postpartum time that addresses the unique needs of your family.

4 weekly classes, 2 hours each, $297

Next class dates TBD

Womb Spiral Journey

A 10 week feminine embodiment journey. All sessions are held on Zoom. Includes personal support throughout the journey and gift basket

10 weekly 90 min sessions, $1,300

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