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Support in the days after giving birth is essential and through traditional physiologic-centered practices and proper care, the postpartum time can be one of health, vitality, nourishment and ease. Innate Postpartum Care is rooted in physiologic-based practices and incorporates key elements of traditional postpartum care. This work provides deep nourishment and tending in the postpartum time, supporting the optimal health and well-being of mothers, parents and families. Ancient postpartum traditions from around the world all share deep common roots and include practices that are rooted in the body’s physiologic design. These traditions all include an extended resting period, warmth, nourishing foods, bodywork and supportive community. These practices are important following any pregnancy, regardless of outcome, and postpartum care and support is needed following miscarriage, abortion, pregnancy loss or birth of a live baby. 


Supporting the physiologic design of both the birthing person and baby supports optimal healing and well-being of mothers, parents and families. Thriving families create thriving communities, creating and supporting thriving life. 


Birth recovery care given at home visits with traditional physiologic-based practices provides essential support for postpartum healing. This care is a holistic approach to postpartum wellness, and includes a combination of bodywork, herbal remedies and holding space through the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the transition into parenthood. 


Each visit varies and is customized to the unique needs of each individual and family. It includes a combination of:

Normal physiological postpartum education

Breastfeeding support and education

Newborn care and education

Emotional support & birth integration

Physical recovery support 

Vaginal Steam, Uterine Massage, Herbal Sitz Bath,

Oil Massage, Caster oil packs, Moxabustion

Baby’s Introduction to the Elements and Directions

Closing of the Bones



Planning for the postpartum time is an essential part of supporting the transition to a new baby and health and wellness following birth. In 1:1 sessions, either in person or online, you will discover the essential pillars of traditional postpartum care and healing, learn simple postpartum self-care practices, and develop a postpartum plan that meets the unique needs of you and your family. 



Innate Traditions Planning For the Forth Trimester is a class series designed to help birthing individuals and their families prepare for the postpartum period. 


In community, you will learn the 5 essentials of postpartum healing, create and strengthen your support networks and develop a postpartum plan that meets the needs of your family 

This price for this class includes the birthing person and support persons.

Next class dates TBD

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