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Vaginal steaming is a tool for holistic vaginal care to support health and wellness. Vaginal steaming is also known as V-steams, pelvic steaming or yoni steaming, and has been used for centuries in many cultures around the world. A V-steam is a nourishing and relaxing practice of sitting over hot herbal infused water to allow the steam to rise up into the vagina and womb. The herbs used are specific for the health, nourishment and balance of vaginal tissues and womb. 


V-steams are meditative, pleasant and calming and work on a physical, cellular, energetic and spiritual level.  V-steams address whole body care through detoxification, nourish and calm the nervous system, and increase sensitivity and pleasure. V-steams also support deepening self-love and connection, activate creative energies and awaken the feminine energies within. 


V-steams can be combined with other bodywork practices, or done alone in a basic session or ceremonial session that incorporates other practices and tools, including guided meditation, sound healing, aromatherapy and more. 


Support a healthy and regular menstrual cycle

Address menstrual and hormonal imbalances​​

Support a healthy vaginal microbiome and lubrication

Enhance fertility and support the fertility journey

Aids postpartum healing and recovery

Support healing from miscarriage, abortion or other pregnancy loss

Address pain with sex, reproductive adhesions or scar tissue

Support menopausal (pre, peri and post) symptoms

Assist healing from uterine prolapse, frequent bladder or vaginal infections

Support endometriosis, ovarian or uterine cysts or fibroids

Enhance self care, self-love and connection

Deepen connection with inner wisdom, intuition and creativity

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