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What happens in a Holistic Pelvic Care session? 

The HPC bodywork consists of gentle internal vaginal massage, in which the practitioner wears a glove and inserts one finger into the vagina. The tone of the muscles is assessed, and through use of breath and guided imagery, healing massage techniques are used to release tension in the muscle and fascia of the pelvis.

Who can receive Holistic Pelvic Care treatments? 

Holistic Pelvic Care is available to all people who have an anatomical vagina, regardless of gender identity or expression. This work is generally recommended for those over 18 years of age

What effects might I notice after a session?

Many people experience a new level of internal awareness in the pelvic bowl following a session, including an increased sense of calm and well-being. Even through the work is gentle, the massage increases the flow of energy and blood, bringing revitalization to the pelvic bowl. If you are receiving HPC for a specific issue, you should begin to feel a shift after 1-4 sessions. Emotional responses vary widely, but you may feel more emotional for the first few days following your session.

When can I start Holistic Pelvic Care after giving birth? 

Postpartum HPC can begin at 6 weeks after birth. This bodywork is supportive of the natural postpartum healing, as well as contributing to the healing of birth trauma that may have occurred. When working with birth trauma, visualization exercises and external energetic work may be used as well or if internal bodywork feels too invasive. These external techniques may be used immediately postpartum as well to support the transition. HPC postpartum is helpful following both vaginal and cesarean birth.

How is Holistic Pelvic Care supportive after miscarriage, abortion or other pregnancy loss? 

HPC is supportive on physical and energetic levels, and can offer healing to the pelvic muscles and fascia, as well as supporting the emotional aspects following the release of a pregnancy.

Are there any contraindication to receiving Holistic Pelvic Care? 

Physical internal treatment is not recommended:

-When there is an active infection present in the pelvic region

-Until six weeks postpartum, post-surgery, or post-radiation

-During pregnancy

-In individuals less than 18 years of age


External energetic techniques may be used during these times.

Anything else I should know? 

Please be aware that you can always decline internal vaginal exam or treatment, bring a chaperone to your session or end your session at any time, for any reason

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