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100% Organic Herbal Infused Oils for Body + Belly Massage. 1 oz dropper bottle. 

I have heard it said that women have always made oil infused with Mugwort, also known as Artemisia Vugarus. This herb was named in honor of the goddess Artemis, goddess of the moon, the wilderness, wild animals, the hunt, and of childbirth. With this oil, they would say they were being held in the arms of Artemis. As you use this oil, may you find yourself held in the goddess’s arms, feel her loving touch, her tending, as you love and tend to yourself. 

Supporting our bodies and bellies supports our health and wellness. Through gentle massage and touch of our body, we support the flow of blood, lymph, nerves and energy. With regular belly massage, we support our whole body through moving lymph, blood and energy. We also release stored emotions, open up our energy, and allow our bellies to be soft, moving us into a state of receiving and surrender, into the fullness of life. 

This oil blend is formulated with herbs that calm and support the nervous system, provide energetic protection, increase digestion and circulation, warm the uterus and pelvis, support menstruation, decrease menstrual cramps, and bring love and warmth into the body. 

Ingredients: 100% Organic Mugwort infused olive oil, Yarrow infused olive oil, Rose infused olive oil, Calendula infused olive oil, Apricot oil, Rosehip oil

Benefits of Belly Massage: 

~Support hormonal balance and healthy menstrual cycle
~Increase womb health
~Support and enhance fertility 
~ Provide healing following miscarriage, abortion or pregnancy loss
~ Address cesarean scar tissue, uterine prolapse, and urinary incontinence
~ Support with endometriosis, ovarian or uterine cysts or fibroids
~ Address frequent bladder or vaginal infections, digestive issues & pelvic pain 
~ Support menopausal (pre, peri and post) symptoms
~ Support healing from sexual abuse or trauma
~ Increase connection with belly and womb

In the Arms of Artemis Belly Oil

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