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Why should I do a vaginal steam?

First of all, because it feels really good and is SO relaxing! This practice is very supportive on many levels. Some common indications include PMS, painful or irregular periods, fibroids, endometriosis, consitpation, hemorrhoids, postpartum healing, vaginal dryness, decreased libido, infertility and much more. V-steams are also very nourishing and supportive in connection to self, our bodies and vitality.

Who can receive a vaginal steam? 

V-steams are available to all people who have an anatomical vagina, regardless of gender identity or expression

What should I expect during a session?

If doing a V-steam in combination with another bodywork offering, you will have a 15-20 minute steam following your bodywork. You will be seated on a steam stool over hot herbal infused water and allow the steam to rise up into your vagina and womb. During this time, your practitioner may utilize complimentary meditative or relaxation techniques to support your experience. If doing a V-steam ceremony session, the experience will be approximately 1 hour in length and include ritual and ceremonial practices, such as intentions and prayer, breath work, guided meditation, music and more.

What effects might I notice after a steaming?

You may experience changes in your menstrual cycle, due to the steam helping to release stagnate maternal inside your womb. Once starting to steam, you may experience a few periods that are longer, or have more cramping than usual, and you may notice that your period is heavier or with darker blood at the beginning. After a few cycles and more steam sessions, your periods will balance out and be more easeful than before.

Can I steam while menstruating? 

It is not recommended to steam during menstruation, and can cause excessive bleeding.

Can vaginal steaming support fertility? 

Steaming can be very supportive for fertility, through increasing fertile fluids and making the tissue of the vagina and uterus more open for implantation. Just before ovulation is an ideal time to steam, and can be used to support assisted reproductive technology. If you are trying to conceive, you do not want to steam between ovulation and menstruation in case pregnancy has occurred.

When can I start vaginal steaming after giving birth? 

It is good to begin steaming once you have stopped bleeding. It is okay to steam if you are having light bleeding or spotting. It is also never too late to have your first postpartum steam! This can be done a few weeks, months or years after birth. Steaming is also helpful following miscarriage, abortion, or other pregnancy loss.

Are vaginal steams supportive during peri or post menopause?

V-steams can be very helpful for uncomfortable symptoms of peri and post menopause. Steaming awakens the vaginal tissues, and can help address vaginal dryness, decreased libido, or pain with sex. V-steams also help connect to inner wisdom and the inner cycles, even if you are no longer bleeding.

Is vaginal steaming still helpful if I have a hysterectomy?

Yes, is still helpful for decreasing pelvic congestion, increasing blood flow and vaginal lubrication.  Steaming can also be helpful to work with scar tissue and tension as a result of pelvic surgery.

Are there any contraindication to vaginal steaming

It is not recommended to steam during pregnancy earlier than 39 weeks, with an IUD or during menstruation. While steams can be supportive of healing chronic bladder, yeast or other vaginal imbalances, it is not recommended to steam during an active infection or if there are any open or active sores on the vulva.

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