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Elise Thomson
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Sacred Sister Holistics centers around honoring cyclical living, supporting innate wisdom and being in deep relationship with ourselves, one another and the earth. 

From menarche through menopause, my intention is to help women reconnect to their body and inner knowing, embody their cyclical nature, restore hormonal health and expand into their healing and power. ​

My vision is to create nurturing and supportive spaces in which we all flourish and where we find healing. Spaces where we weave magic and ceremony together, cultivating vitality and beauty as an offering to the earth and life.


"Elise epitomizes a Sacred Sister. I found myself saying this to her after every session. I left each session feeling more grounded, rooted in myself, the earth and the collective. I learned SO much about my body and the language she speaks. In Elise's words, our bodies speak a "slow and ancient" language. Her sessions act as a guide in this communication. It also helps so much that she takes the time to build trust with you, and a conversation with Elise feels like a sister therapy session. I am deeply grateful for her care, thoughtfulness, tenderness and openness"


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